inspired by tradition, fused with innovation.

BLK MKT Eats is a local St. Louis fast casual food concept that offers a destination for real food with boundless flavor. We had a simple idea – to offer something fresh, healthy and craveable. So, we sourced the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and fused them with globally inspired flavors. The result, BLK MKT Eats, a one of a kind spot that offers a selection of signature burrito-size sushi rolls & bowls.

At BLK MKT Eats, we believe you are what you eat. To optimize flavor and nutrition, our veggies are sliced fresh daily and left in their natural state or lightly pickled. With our signature house-made sauces, veggies have never tasted so good! We are also committed to serving all-natural, hormone-free chicken, organic tofu and sustainably harvested fish.

We take pride in offering our handcrafted, made-to-order burrito-size sushi rolls & bowls for the city we love. Packed with globally inspired flavors this is not your average sushi spot. Only at BLK MKT Eats can you taste beyond boundaries!

taste beyond boundaries

Signature Rolls & Poké Bowls


burrito-size sushi rolls & poké bowls

OG Fire

bold & spicy 

spicy salmon or tuna, persian cucumbers, avocado, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, masago, jalapeno, OG Fire sauce

Holy Shiitake copy s copyss

Holy Shiitake

umami & fresh 

braised shiitake mushrooms, sesame kale slaw, persian cucumbers, turmeric-pickled daikon, crispy shallots, unagi sauce 

Swedish Fish

fresh & herbaceous 

scandinavian cured salmon, yuzu-dill slaw, persian cucumbers, avocado, lemon-spiked asparagus, fennel, Yuzu Gold sauce

Tasty as Cluck

savory & juicy

buttermilk fried chicken, kimchi slaw, arugula, BLK MKT pickles, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, OG Fire sauce

Shaka Poke

unami & sweet

hawaiian-inspired tuna poke, persian cucumbers, avocado, green cabbage, sesame seeds, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, alaea sea salt, unagi sauce

Seoul Delicious

bold & savory

grilled chicken, kimchi slaw, bibb lettuce, BLK MKT pickles, carrots, crispy shallots, gochujang mayo

Krilla Krunch

crunchy & savory 

shrimp tempura, unagi slaw, persian cucumbers, avocado, carrots, masago, tempura crunch, unagi sauce

sushi nachos

OG Fire Nachos

spicy salmon or tuna, arugula, avocado, jalapeno, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, masago, scallions, OG Fire sauce

Seoul Delicious Nachos

grilled chicken, arugula, kimchi slaw, carrots, BLK MKT pickles, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, scallions, gochujang mayo

Shaka Poke Nachos

hawaiian-inspired tuna poke, arugula, avocado, sesame seeds, crispy shallots, tempura crunch, alaea sea salt, scallions, OG Fire sauce

*Due to the freshness of our food, we recommend consuming immediately after purchase. Consuming raw or undercooked foods may contribute to your risk of food-born illness. Many of the items on our menu may contain or come into contact with common allergens, including wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish.

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